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Мужчина + Женщина
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Мужчина + Женщина
Женщина мужской мечты
ВИП коучинговый день
Женские стратегии
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Dear friends,

If you have any questions or comments, would you like to express your gratitude or wishes, congratulate us on our new project or public holiday, to share your problems of happy moments of your life, you’re welcome to contact us at: 

If you feel it necessary to communicate with us on important issues or get information about the School of Successful Communication, programs and learning conditions, contact us on Skype: lilija.plygavka

On matters of publications in the press, interviews, cooperation, participation in conferences or public presentations, please contact the author and the project manager Ms. Plygavka in person:


Mobile: +370 698 06 710

If you appreciate our project, thanks to which it has become easier to understand and accept the other people and yourself through communication, join us and recommend us to your friends and acquaintances.

They will be thankful to you!

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