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This website is dedicated to art of communication.

School of Successful Communications a project of studying of effective communicative skills which lead to personal and professional development.

We can’t exist without communication because it makes our life sensible and gives us possibility to realize our creativity, professional skills and personal qualities.

Communication is an exchange thanks to which we are able to create new ideas, to cognize ourselves and the surrounding world, as in the mirror we can see the reflection of our deeds, expression of our thoughts and emotions, we can transfer and get knowledge and experience. When there is lack of communication or it is not qualitative, a person becomes reserved. Life for such person is a boredom, he feels shortage of impressions and emotions. A person even can get seriously ill as communication is a vital necessity so as good sleep, food and motion.

That is why correct and effective communication between a man and a woman, parents and children, friends and colleagues, husbands and wives, employers and employees, between neighbors and with strangers you have met in the streets is really important as that is part of our life and if we wish to feel happy, we must be understood and not lost in conflicts and reservations.

There are some laws and rules of communication which could help understand others and be understood by other people. We should be aware of these important rules.

We can learn the universal communicative rules or master them in the spheres where we do not feel confident and which need to be improved.

The most important thing is your willingness.

A School of Successful Communication is ready to help you.

For those, who are only the beginners and take their first steps in that direction, we offer:

and the online seminars:

If you want to master your communication skills with different interlocuters and create your own style of communicative behaviour then a Master-class «How to come to terms with any person» could really be useful.

School of Successful Communication include the following directions:

1. Interpersonal communication- strategies of establishment of harmonious relationship with other people both in real and virtual time.

2. A Man + A Woman- peculiarities of gender related communication based on psychological distinctions.

3. Parents and children- generation gap problems.

4. Business communication- strategies of successful communication among colleagues, elaboration of skills of business negotiations with collegues and partners.

5. Intercultural communication- peculiarities of communication with representatives of different cultures in business and family life spheres.

6. Accepting Myself- ways of personal development in order to reveal your life and creative potential.

7. Non-verbal communication-acquaintance with different types of non-verbal communication and its specific character, development of skills concerning non-verbal communication.

8. Myself and World around myself- laws of communication with environment in order to preserve a universe harmony.

If you need a coach, who can help you improve your communication with other people, yourself and the environment to move effective and outcoming, participate in individual programs and consultations, use the materials of our website and suggest new topics and ideas for cooperation.

If you are a socially important person, having a high professional status and influence on others, a manager or a director, you will definitely benefit from the creation or improvement of your individual communicative and speech image.

If you care about a decent position and promotion on the market, we could help you create a collective image and corporation culture.

If our values and resources match your world outlook, we will be glad to be together, so write comments, let’s contact in social networks, send us mail or let’s talk in Skype.

We are thankful for your letters and questions, which worry you as they aim us at creation of new seminars, master classes, workshops and trainings and other interesting forms of teaching which are necessary for you.

We will be very pleased to meet you requirements on aspects of communication which are important personally to you, based on your life experience and problems which occur to you, so that communication will be joyous and pleasant and improve your life to a great extent, making your it and the world much better.

We will be glad to be useful in establishing harmonious, fruitful and positive relationship with other people!

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